How to Add Tags to Website Using Google Tag Manager?

A graphic showing the Google Tag Manager interface with text that says “How to Add Tags Using Google Tag Manager”.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM), as the name suggests, is a tag management system (TMS) developed by Google that allows users to manage Google tags or third-party tags on their website or mobile app without editing the code of the site or app.

Here “managing tags” means that with the help of Google Tag Manager, a user can add, update, or even remove any tags without disturbing their website code or app binary.

Google Tag Manager allows users to manage tags of most used tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google AdSense, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest etc.

What are The Benefits of Google Tag Manager?

We have already learned the features of Google Tag Manager, but we also need to know what are the benefits of using it, so let’s discuss it:

  1. Simple in use: The most special thing about Google Tag Manager is that it is so easy at all for any user to use GTM. Its interface is designed in such a way that users can easily understand it even without coding knowledge. Apart from this, with the help of GTM, users can insert, edit, or remove code snippets or tags in their website without getting into coding.
  2. Saves the user’s time and money: Before GTM, any user had to constantly provide code to the developers to add any new tracking tag to their website, which cost the user both time and money. But after GTM, users can easily save their time and money by using it.
  3. Central management for tags: GTM acts as a central management for tags of any user’s website. This means that the user can monitor, manage, and track the performance of all the tags of his website from one place.
  4. Significant improvement in website performance: When a user manages their website tags using Google Tag Manager, they also experience an increase in website performance. This improvement is because using GTM eliminates the need for users to place multiple code snippets on each page of their website.
  5. Checks errors and solves them: Google Tag Manager has a tool that instantly points out any errors related to the tags of the user’s website and resolves them. This tool saves both the user’s valuable time and effort.
  6. Works user friendly: The GTM tool also allows the user to customize it as per his requirement. He can either add the already existing tags to his website or add custom tags to track any special event in his website.
  7. Gives more security to the website: By using Google Tag Manager, the user takes full control of the tags of his website, due to which his website also gets additional security. The user can also easily manage the access of GTM for any other user.
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Now, let us know how to add tags to the website through Google Tag Manager:

How to Connect Google Tag Manager to Website?

To set up a Google Tag Manager account, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, go to Google Tag Manager and click on create account.
  2. Fill in the account name, country, container name and target platform details. You can fill any name in the account name field. If you want, you can enter the name of your website and in the country field, select the country according to your location.
  3. Enter your website’s main URL in the Container Name field without using http:// or https:// and /.
  4. Select the Web option in the target platform field.
  5. Click on create.
  6. To accept the terms and conditions of Google Tag Manager, tick the box in the bottom left and click Yes.
  7. Now you will see two code snippets. To connect the website to GTM, we have to insert both these code snippets in the website.
  8. First copy the code snippet to be placed in the <head> section and go to the admin panel of your website.
  9. To insert the code snippet-
    In WordPress, Go according this path – Appearance> Theme File Editor> header.php
    In Blogger, go according this path – Theme> Edit HTML
  10. Insert the copied code snippet in the html just after the <head> tag.
  11. Now go back to Google Tag Manager and copy the second code.
  12. Insert this code snippet immediately after the <body> tag in the HTML and click on save.
  13. Go back to Google Tag Manager and enter your website URL in Check Your Website section and check if both the code snippets are correctly placed on the website.
  14. Click on ok and your Google Tag Manager account is ready to add tags to your website.
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How to Add Tag in Website with Google Tag Manager?

To add tags to your website using Google Tag Manager, follow the steps below:

We will explain to you how to add tags to a website through GTM with the example of Google Analytics GA4. But before that you need to know that to connect Google Tag Manager to other tools, both accounts must be created from the same Gmail account, otherwise they will not be able to connect. So, let’s start now:

  1. Visit Google Tag Manager and select the account you just created.
  2. Go to the Tags section just below the overview and click New.
  3. Click on Tag Configuration and choose Google Analytics.
  4. Now, click on Google Analytics: GA4 Event.
  5. Enter your Google Analytics Measurement ID from your website’s Google Analytics account.
  6. Click on Triggering and if you want to apply the tag on all pages of the website then select All Pages.
  7. Click on Save button.
  8. Now, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are connected to each other. Within 10-15 minutes you will know which pages of your website have Analytics tag and which do not.

You only need to keep one thing in mind that while connecting the GTM account to the website, carefully insert the code at the correct place on the website. In this way, you can easily add tags of any tool on all pages of your website through Google Tag Manager and along with it, you can also find those pages which do not have any tags.

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Q.) What is Google Tag Manager used for?

Ans.) Google Tag Manager is used to manage tags in websites and apps. With the help of GTM, users can add, edit or remove tags in their website or app.

Q.) Is it free to use Google Tag Manager?

Ans.) Yes, using GTM to manage tags is free of cost for any user.

Q.) Is the Google Tag Manager interface hard to understand?

Ans.) No, the interface of GTM is very user-friendly which any user can learn quickly and easily in a short time.

Q.) Is Google Tag Manager useful for website’s SEO?

Ans.) Yes, because Google Tag Manager helps in increasing website performance and increasing website performance has a good impact on the SEO of the website.

Q.) Do I need coding knowledge to use Google Tag Manager?

Ans.) No, you can use GTM even without coding knowledge.

Q.) For which platforms can Google Tag Manager be used?

Ans.) Google Tag Manager can be used for web pages, iOS apps, Android apps, and AMP sites.


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