Know Everything About Satta Matka and Final Ank that You Should Know

Learn Everything about Satta Matka & Final Ank

What is Satta?

When two or more people challenge each other for something, someone or a game, then in simple words it is called a “bet” and when a bet is placed only for money then that kind of bet is called “Satta”.

What is Satta Matka and how is this game played?

You must be knowing that Satta can be played in many ways, one of which is Satta Matka. The way to play this game is a little different as is known from its name.

In the game of Satta Matka, an earthen pot is used in which paper slips are put inside. Numbers from 0 to 9 are written on these paper slips.

To play Satta Matka, at the scheduled time, an appointed person takes out one of the slips put in the pot.

But before taking out the slip, all the players participating in the Satta Matka game guess the number written on the slip to be taken out and bet on their guessed number.

At the prescribed time, the slip is taken out from the pot and the winning number is declared.

All the players match their guessed number with the winning number. The player whose guessing number and winning number match becomes the winner of the Satta Matka game and earns a lot of money.

How is the Final Ank calculated in the Final Ank game?

There is another very popular game for Satta, whose name you might have heard, that game is Final Ank. This game is played online nowadays and it is so popular online because you can play Final Ank game with any amount of money.

But the way to play Final Ank game is also different. People playing this game guess the Final Ank to be declared and bet on it.

But do you know how to find out the Final Ank?

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If you don’t know, that’s okay!

The steps to find the Final Ank are as follows:

  1. First of all, three numbers are declared by the Satta agents at different specific times. People participating in the final number game have to place a bet on these three numbers before they are declared.
  2. After this, the sum of these three declared numbers is calculated.
  3. The last digit of the number obtained by adding the three numbers is declared as the Final Ank.
  4. For example, if the numbers declared are 7, 15 and 9 then adding them together gives 31 and hence the Final Ank will be 1.

Beginning of Satta in the world

The modern game of Satta originated in New York City in 1942. Factory workers at that time would bet on the opening and closing rates of cotton at the New York Cotton Exchange.

After some time, the trust of factory workers in Satta started to wane, which led to fights among themselves. As a result, the government completely banned Satta at the New York Cotton Exchange.

Beginning of Satta in India

Satta in India started in the 1950s from the Bombay Cotton Exchange when people in India heard that the workers of the New York Cotton Exchange used to bet on the opening and closing rates of cotton, so they also started betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton in the Bombay Cotton Exchange following the example of the people of New York.

After some time, Satta was banned by the government in New York Cotton Exchange but it had just started in India. It was yet to become popular in India.

Apart from the workers of Bombay Cotton Exchange, Satta started gaining recognition all over India. Slowly people started realizing how one could become rich overnight by playing Satta. Now people started trying their luck by investing money in Satta.

People who played Satta after doing research on the possible situations in Satta, they used to make a lot of money by playing Satta but those who played Satta without research, they used to lose money instead of earning.

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At the same time, there were some people who, along with being successful in Satta, also made their name famous in the world of Satta. One of them was Kalyan Bhagat ji.

Kalyan Bhagat ji came to Bombay around 1960 with the intention of doing business. After coming to Bombay, he first started working in a spice factory. When he came to know about the Satta going on in Bombay Cotton Exchange, he also started playing Satta with the intention of making more money.

In a short time, Kalyan Bhagat ji became an expert in Satta. People started knowing Kalyan ji as Matka King. Kalyan Final Ank was released in the memory of Kalyan Bhagat ji after his death.

Like Kalyan ji, there was another person due to whom Satta strengthened its roots in India. That person was Ratan Khatri ji, who was known as Satta King. At the time of partition of India and Pakistan, he went to Pakistan. But he came back to India with the intention of earning money. Since Bombay was the center of employment at that time, Ratan ji came directly to Bombay in India.

.In the desire to earn more money, like Kalyan ji, he also started playing Satta. Gradually, Ratan Khatri ji also started becoming famous in the world of Satta and became Matka King. After some time, the Final Ank was also released in his memory.

History of Satta in Hindu Religion

In olden times, Satta was played only for entertainment purposes. At that time, the way to play it was different from today’s time. Initially, Satta was played through the game ‘Chaupar Pasa’.

Chaupar Pasa was a game that was played by 4 people at a time. It had 64 square boxes and every player had 4 pieces to play. There was an empty space in the middle of the Chaupar Pasa which was the destination for all the players. If all the four pieces of any player reached that place, he was declared the winner of this game.

At first, the game of Chaupar Pasa was played by making it on stones. With the passage of time, this game started being played by making it on cloth instead of stones. But in today’s digital era, this game is played online, which is also called “Ludo”.

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According to the holy religious book of Hindus “Mahabharata”, Satta was played between Kauravas and Pandavas through the game of “Chaupar Pasa” which was also called “Dyuta ka Khel” in those days. Pandavas lost everything to Kauravas in this game, even their wife Draupadi and had to face 12 years of exile due to this Satta.


This article is written for entertainment purposes only and does not provide any kind of financial advice to the reader. We do not support or promote any kind of Satta game. We are not responsible for any financial losses incurred by using this information in betting. Using the information in this article in Satta game is at your own risk.


Q.) Is Satta legal in India?

Ans.) No, Satta is not legal in India, there is punishment for it in the law.

Q.) What is the punishment for playing Satta in Indian law?

Ans.) Under the Public Gambling Act 1867 of India, if found playing Satta, there is a provision of a fine of ₹200 or imprisonment of up to three months.

Q.) Who opens the numbers in Satta games?

Ans.) Satta King is the one who opens the numbers of Satta games.

Q.) Can I play Satta legally in India?

Ans.) Nowadays, there are some fantasy sports platforms that legally allow you to try your luck but based on the skill of the game and not in the form of gambling.

Q.) Who is the owner of the betting in India?

Ans.) Kalyanji Bhagat, Ratan Khatri and Suresh Bhagat are the owners of betting in India.

Q.) Can one become rich by playing Satta?

Ans.) To become rich by playing Satta, first you need to do some research and study and along with that luck should also be on your side. The more money you spend on Satta, the higher is the risk.


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