Mother’s day : Day of the world’s most important person for everyone in their life

Mother’s day : Day of the world’s most important person for everyone in their life

Some famous authors and person tell about mother in quotes. For example: Mahatma Gandhi told, “It may possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?”

Abraham Lincoln told, “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

William Shakespeare told, “Plenty and peace breed cowards; hardness ever of hardiness is mother.” “So loving to my mother, That he might not beteem the winds of heaven, Visit her face’ too roughly.” “A grandma’s name is little less in love than is the doting title of a mother.”

Many famous authors, celebrities and person tell something their feeling in quotes about mother. But mother is a topic that can’t finish in only few words and not this no one can tell their all feelings in words about their mother. Mother is very important person in everyone’s life that play an important role to make anyone’s life best from better. Mother can’t see her son in any problem and tension. She takes all the responsibilities when her son born.

Mother’s day was first celebrated in May 1908 because an American woman Anna Jarvis’s mother died in 1905. After that she wanted to set aside a day to honour the work and sacrifices made by mothers. so she made first public mother’s day in Grafton, West Virginia in 8 May 1908.


Any Mother can’t see her son sad and in problem. She can work anything for her bright future. When her son was a child she keep him in hand. She didn’t left for a moment alone. For everyone no one can take their mother’s place. She fights against the world for her son.

Anyone can cheat you in this world apart from mother. She always thinks for her son well. when her son is grow up she helps him to make his all wishes. Sometimes her son create many problems but she save him all type of problems. Mothers don’t show off their love to her son.

Today’s generation forgot to respect their elder family members and persons. But their blessings are very powerful. Blessings can make a man’s all wishes. They can be main factor to change his life. So never insult to your elder person and respect them.

On Mother’s day Nowadays sons bring many gift for their mother. They shows their all feelings and love to celebrate it like a festival. They give a party to their mother. Their mother give them many many blessings.

Even though making celebration of mother’s day is different in every place, country, state or anywhere but feelings that is connected with this beautiful day is same for everyone. No one can forgot their mom’s love that gives us more energy to stand out against the world.

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Today we need to become a polite and gentle man that bring the learning of respect for elders  even if they are your family members or your parents or any elder person.

By the Hindu’s holy books mother is the form of Devi ‘Shakti’. So mother is most powerful person in this world. when a mother procreate a child than pain that she have no one can’t tolerate apart from a mother. she tolerate that pain only for her child and when the child born, mother forget that pain.

So I want to tell you only that never insult to your elder person especially your mother. Make best day in her life to every mother’s day. She only hopes for your love then give more and more love her on that day.


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